Taekwondo Techniques Kicks Front Kick

Front Kick - Ap Chagi

  • The knee of the kicking leg should be raised without straightening the leg. At the same time the foot should be pushed forwards whilst pulling the toes back.
  • Extend the leg forward in a straight line to hit the target with the ball of the foot with the toes bent outwards.
  • After kicking the kicking foot is drawn back to and then may be placed where appropriate for the attacker to execute the next technique whilst always maintaining complete balance.
  • If the kick is supported by the entire sole of the foot of the standing leg, the weight is borne by hip and knee joints and the kick will lack speed and force.
  • Therefore the heel should be slightly lifted so the foot may pivot slightly at impact and then returned to the floor.
  • It is important not to raise the foot too high as this will raise the body?s centre of gravity and the kick will lack force.

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