Taekwondo Techniques Hand Techniques

Taekwondo Hand Techniques

The knife hand (sonnal) is used in taekwondo for both striking and defensive techniques.

Knife Hand - Sonnal
knife hand sonnal 1 knife hand sonnal 2
Place the fingers together with the fingertips bent slightly inwards Bend the thumb and pull it back along the hand to tighten. Strike with the little finger side of the hand using the area from the base of the fingers to the wrist.

The fist (jumeok) is used in taekwondo to apply the punch technique (jireugi). To form the fist correctly, follow the photo guide and instructions below:

Fist - Jumeok
fist jumeok 1 fist jumeok 2 fist jumeok 3
Starting with the hand open Curl the fingers inwards so the fingertips rest on the palm Clench the fist and cover the index and middle finges with the thumb.

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