Master Lee Heyes

Master Lee Heyes - 6th Dan Kukkiwon

Master Lee Heyes 6th Dan, Kukkiwon Registered International Instructor commenced Taekwondo training in 1985 and was awarded his 1st Dan in 1988 by Grand Master Kim Yung Ho. In July 2006, Lee traveled to the World Taekwondo Headquarters (Kukkiwon) in Seoul, Korea to attend the 12th World Taekwondo Foreign Instructors Course where he was instructed in the Unified Taekwondo Techniques. Lee successfully graduated from the course and was awarded the prestigious title of International Instructor. Lee was awarded his 6th Dan in November 2008 by Grand Master Park. Lee is the Chief Instructor of Northern Taekwondo, an independent organisation practicing Kukkiwon style Unified Taekwondo.

Career Synopsis
1985Commenced Taekwondo Training
1988Awarded 1st Dan by Grand Master Kim Yung Ho
19901st place at the British Federation Championships
1990Promoted to 2nd Dan
1996Promoted to 3rd Dan
2000Promoted to 4th Dan by Master Robert Wright
2004Promoted to 5th Dan by Master Quigley
2006Graduated from the 12th World Taekwondo Foreign Instructors Course.
Awarded the tiltle of International Instructor
2008Promoted to 6th Dan by Grand Master Park

Taekwondo Training DVDs and Videos
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Unify Taekwondo Basic Movements DVD
Unify Taekwondo Basic Movements DVD
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Unify Taekwondo Patterns DVD
Unify Taekwondo Patterns DVD
Specially updated to reflect the changes made by the World Taekwondo Headquaters (Kukkiwon) to the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) patterns. This DVD is an ideal reference for beginners looking for an introduction to the Taekwondo forms or experienced practitioners who need to perfect their technique. more...
Unify Taekwondo Complete DVD
Unify Taekwondo Complete DVD
This bonus pack contains the Taekwondo Basic Movements video + the Taekwondo Patterns video at a special bonus price. Also included FREE the Unified Taekwondo Training Manual. The manual contains descriptions and photographs of how to perform all the Taekwondo techniques and patterns and is the ideal companion to the DVDs. more...